Scarefest was awesome. I missed some good stuff Friday, but I made up for it the rest of the weekend. I didn’t get much sleep (about 5 hours the whole weekend), so I need to hit the bed in an hour or so.

Rum is on my like list so far. ^_^

Filmed all day Sat in a cold warehouse. It was fun but tiring. So much that I pretty much slept all day Sunday.

We filmed for this a while back, but here’s the trailer for it finally!


Avri and I (pictured) went to be an extra in Jason and Roni‘s new indy movie, the Legacy. We were planned to be FBI agents, but we got there a bit late so we ended up being victims. Since we were late I figured they had already wrapped so I wore regular clothes, but brought a change of clothes anyway. So I went down to change and ran into Al Snow and Cyndi and we both were like, WOAH! Didn’t expect to see you here (great times with them at Wizard World Chicago and the Fright Film Fest). So changed clothes and ran back up (we were filming in a warehouse and the freight elevator was awesome). So we had a scene where they were dragging us through a dark walkway and that was fun. I thought that was it, but Jason mentioned we would be hanging from chains and so begun a fun five hours of fake blood and good times.

During filming Al made a joke that I was Eddie Steeples from My Name is Earl (which many people have said I look like, even back when he was just the Rubberband man from the Office Max commercials). Most people understood, but one of the guys really must have thought I was him and had me take some pictures with him on his cell and digital camera.

We all couldn’t wait to go back to our homes to wash off the thick glazed layer of fake blood and lead based paint chips from our bodies and hair.


Watching Jason made me realize where I went wrong on my Chaos Campus movie. I over-thought things, as I tend to do. I had the crew, the material, the equipment. We should have jumped into it and let the chips fall.

I am SO exhausted.  I hurt all over.

So today we had our audition. It went really well… we saw some talented people and we’ll have to review the tape to review everything and get our complete thoughts together. But we will have to have another audition as we still don’t have the parts completely cast yet.

We had an after audition eat together- well, Avri, Sara, Dan, and a new dude that I forgot his name, but he was cool peoples. Mmmmm, Bernos… mmmmm, Hawaiian pizza!!!


So this is the rough draft.  Date, times, place, and prices are all subject to change… and we may get a third or fourth special act. But this is the main idea.

We have our work cut out for us for this Chaos Campus Indy Movie…

Jan 8th – Large Crew Meeting @ Public Library
(Jan 8-14 – Have to have party place, date, time along with initial casting call place, date, time perfected to send out press releases)
Jan 14th- Initial Large Casting Call (Where?)
Jan 22nd- Casting Call Backs @ Public Library
Jan 28th- Final Cast Choices
Jan 29th- Cast & Crew Meeting/Reading @ Public Library
(Feb 4-17- Party Promotion Time Period)
Feb 4-5- Film Mini Shorts (Location? JCC? U of L?)
Feb 11-12- Film First Official Short
Feb 18th – Fund Raiser Party (Where?)
Mar 4-5 – Film 2nd Short
Mar 11-12 – Film 3rd Short
Mar 18-19 – Film 4th Short
Mar 25-26 – Film 5th Short
Apr 1-2 – Open Weekend (spare shots, make up shoots, etc)

I need to go to sleep now while I have half of a chance. O.o

Met up with Sara and Anthony today… that was a very good meeting. Not only is Anthony an actor and a well of contacts, but he’s also a possible editor. Muhahahaha! He gave me two dvds of work he did with Brandon (who I have yet to meet, but from his credits he has been my top choice for Director of Photography from the start). I’m really excited to see them, but first I had to eat and finish watching director’s commentary of Desperado. I forgot how much I love that movie.

I did two more rough screenplay shorts- the short I knew would possibly be split into two I went ahead and split up. But the two-to-one short/s is/are “Dead Dog Blues” and “She Blinded Me With Magic”. Together they’d be a full 10 to 12 minute short like the rest, but I’m not sure if we can film Dead Dog Blues as filming animals is hard and it has the moving truck shots. Same with Magic- no dog this time, but the truck may be an issue. We’ll see.

Everyone likes Makeover, but we all agree I need a new ending as the current one is too abrupt. I have an idea of what I want, kinda, but I haven’t fully fleshed it out yet. I gotta write the short that comes after it “Video Ho” in screenplay form and then I can work backwards.