We have our work cut out for us for this Chaos Campus Indy Movie…

Jan 8th – Large Crew Meeting @ Public Library
(Jan 8-14 – Have to have party place, date, time along with initial casting call place, date, time perfected to send out press releases)
Jan 14th- Initial Large Casting Call (Where?)
Jan 22nd- Casting Call Backs @ Public Library
Jan 28th- Final Cast Choices
Jan 29th- Cast & Crew Meeting/Reading @ Public Library
(Feb 4-17- Party Promotion Time Period)
Feb 4-5- Film Mini Shorts (Location? JCC? U of L?)
Feb 11-12- Film First Official Short
Feb 18th – Fund Raiser Party (Where?)
Mar 4-5 – Film 2nd Short
Mar 11-12 – Film 3rd Short
Mar 18-19 – Film 4th Short
Mar 25-26 – Film 5th Short
Apr 1-2 – Open Weekend (spare shots, make up shoots, etc)

I need to go to sleep now while I have half of a chance. O.o