Met up with Sara and Anthony today… that was a very good meeting. Not only is Anthony an actor and a well of contacts, but he’s also a possible editor. Muhahahaha! He gave me two dvds of work he did with Brandon (who I have yet to meet, but from his credits he has been my top choice for Director of Photography from the start). I’m really excited to see them, but first I had to eat and finish watching director’s commentary of Desperado. I forgot how much I love that movie.

I did two more rough screenplay shorts- the short I knew would possibly be split into two I went ahead and split up. But the two-to-one short/s is/are “Dead Dog Blues” and “She Blinded Me With Magic”. Together they’d be a full 10 to 12 minute short like the rest, but I’m not sure if we can film Dead Dog Blues as filming animals is hard and it has the moving truck shots. Same with Magic- no dog this time, but the truck may be an issue. We’ll see.

Everyone likes Makeover, but we all agree I need a new ending as the current one is too abrupt. I have an idea of what I want, kinda, but I haven’t fully fleshed it out yet. I gotta write the short that comes after it “Video Ho” in screenplay form and then I can work backwards.