Marc had a small trade show at the Clarion Hotel today… yes, I arrived a bit late as I had a long night at my bill paying job. It was slow in parts (which I used to text friends), but made a little cash. The biggest draw was meeting new people and connecting with other local creators.

I knew Jay was going to be there… I’m glad he’s out promoting his butt off lately. I was surprised to see Doug from Comic Book World there, but that was a nice surprise. Met Allen Freeman (Slam Bang anthology & Morgana X). Met up with Nathan Thomas Milliner (writer/illustrator of The Malevolent, Final Days, and Girl Number Three) who I haven’t seen in AGES and Rene Blansette (writer/illustrator of Thief: The Adventures of John Argent) who was at the last local show Marc did (the Lexington one). Also met Clint Basinger (Cosmic Moustache Comics).

Looking forward to the next local show Marc is affiliated with in August:

Next is the Knoxville, TN show and Wizard Chicago with John and Avri. Then insanity that will be San Diego Con… who knows what madness Tony and Sean will get me into. Good times!