I haven’t updated this blog with a new post in a while. I appreciate everyone who reads this stuff and actually look forward to my ramblings.

Late 2013 and early 2014 have been keeping me VERY busy. Since writing is now my day job, I have multiple WFH (Work For Hire) projects I have to stay on top of every month. Next to that are my personal comic projects that are in various stages of being written, edited, drawn, and lettered. The biggest thing in that area is that we have started production of the Chaos Campus Act 2 issues (#21-40 plus EC #6-10). I’m a much different (hopefully better) writer than I was when I started the Chaos Campus experiment, so hopefully this section of the saga will improve the series (and make up for mistakes and missteps of the first Act).

As you may or may not have noticed from my Events & Signings page, I’m doing a lot of shows this year to promote and sell my current library of titles. That has been a fun, but draining experience (be sure to read the Bleeding Cool articles for more details).

The biggest thing throwing my usual schedule off is that I have started writing novel manuscripts. Writing prose takes a much different set of writing muscles than writing scripts, so it takes much longer and more out of me. I am determined to get at least 4 books written and published within the next five years, so wish me luck on that front! The first will be Corporeal (which you can find out more about with this link). Following that will be The Children of Mercury Heights series of books. More about those later.

Well, that will do it for this blog update. Please keep coming by to see me at the shows… I love talking to you guys in person!

Check out a really deep and in-depth interview I did with Richard Caldwell @ The Lottery Party: http://thelotteryparty.com/interviews-b-alex-thompson/

It’s roughly two and a half months before SDCC and I need to get as much as possible ready before then. As I become more serious about writing being my career I have to think more about branding myself, how others can brand me, and the type of writer I’m perceived as. What is my BAT brand? My stories tend to fall in three groups:

1. Dark Horror – Serious, graphic violence, blood, adult language, nudity.
2. Horror/Humor – Morbid comedy, the above stuff just toned down some, more humor.
3. Horror/SciFi/Action – Though one genre might dominate, the other two are close second.

So I’m pretty much a Horror writer. Yeah, I know we’re all surprised at this revelation. Knowing this, I know this is where I need to market myself more, but I don’t want to just be trapped in that realm. I have some All Ages stuff in the works. Some other irons in the fire.

I also want to do a webcomic. For years I’ve balked at the idea, but I dunno… after reading a few on a regular basis, the format seems interesting and my brain “gets it” now. So after so many requests, I’m making CC a webcomic… posting the pages from the older issues. The first 20 issues should keep things going for about 5 years with 3 pages a week. It also shouldn’t encroach on the print version and should actually do a nice job promoting the print versions.

I’m also planning a new webcomic that I’ll turn into print versions later. That one’s a bit more challenging and intimidating, but it’s also exciting. It won’t have monsters, gore, or nudity, but it has humor and drama and I like it. John has to get back to me on his comments on what I have so far, but when I sent him the original idea for the concept he REALLY loved it. So if he digs it, I hope other people will too.

So yeah… gotta make websites for those which will be a new and mind boggling experience. Then the main Appro site needs a major upgrade/facelift.

And I still have the usual roster of projects in different stages of development to work on.