If action and horror is your thing, check out Blood, Shells, & Roses– a graphic novel published through Arcana Comics. “A heavy metal band moonlights as monster hunters!”

Bookstore ISBN: 978-1-897548-90-5
Comic Shop Diamond Code: AUG110795
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If you like the character interactions and relationships, check out Amour TPB 1 & Amour TPB 2 which are Dating/Romance Anthologies. Both published through Arcana Comics. Note: 6 of the 18 short stories are Romance/Horror story hybrids!

Bookstore ISBN: 978-1-926914-72-5 / 978-1-926914-73-2
Comic Shop Diamond Code: NOV110711 / NOV110712
Amazon.com Order Links: Volume 1 / Volume 2

If you want more action and horror, check out Lethal Instinct– a graphic novel published through Arcana Comics. “Frank Aaron is a police officer who struggles with the curse of being a werewolf!”

Bookstore ISBN: 978-1-926914-39-8
Comic Shop Diamond Code: OCT110797
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* Also from Arcana, look for Dark Horrors 2 anthology (two mini comics done by B. Alex Thompson) and War’s Chosen (lettered by B. Alex Thompson).