Corporeal – (cor•po•re•al): Of the nature of the physical body; tangible.

Max Ortega is having the roughest day imaginable.

After discovering that his fiancee Gloria Crocker is pregnant, Max receives a call from the police that his brother has been murdered. Pulling over on the side of the freeway, Gloria unbuckles her seat belt to console him. In that moment they are struck from the rear by an SUV.

Though Gloria dies in the accident, Max lives to discover that he now has the ability to bring the dead back to life for up to two hours. But he learns that the ability comes with a catch: after a person is resurrected, once they disappear they are gone for good and can’t be resurrected again.

Is there a way around this limitation? Max wants to discover it so he can bring his dead fiancee back for good. On his quest to learn more about his abilities, he discovers secrets he wasn’t meant to learn. What if the car accident wasn’t an accident at all? What sinister motive could be behind wanting him and Gloria murdered?


Genre: Mainstream Fiction/Paranormal
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