Q: How can you get in touch with B. Alex Thompson?

A: One of the following options should have you covered…

Q: Do you take unsolicited ARTIST submissions?

A: Often and all of the time.  Feel free to send art samples directly to me via e-mail or snail mail.  Please do not tag me in your submission artwork on social media like Twitter or Facebook (save tagging for when we’re promoting a project together).

Q: Do you take unsolicited WRITER submissions?

A: As a working writer I can’t accept written unpublished material for legal and personal reasons.  Again, Please do NOT send manuscripts, scripts, beat sheets, story ideas, etc.   I simply cannot accept them.  I’m not trying to be rude or unsupportive in any way.  This is for your protection and mine.  (For a more detailed explanation, please read this article by Ron Marz)

Q: Do you accept unsolicited published works?

A: Yes, I do!  If you have a published comic book or novel, feel free to hand me a copy at a convention or send via snail mail.