Avri and I (pictured) went to be an extra in Jason and Roni‘s new indy movie, the Legacy. We were planned to be FBI agents, but we got there a bit late so we ended up being victims. Since we were late I figured they had already wrapped so I wore regular clothes, but brought a change of clothes anyway. So I went down to change and ran into Al Snow and Cyndi and we both were like, WOAH! Didn’t expect to see you here (great times with them at Wizard World Chicago and the Fright Film Fest). So changed clothes and ran back up (we were filming in a warehouse and the freight elevator was awesome). So we had a scene where they were dragging us through a dark walkway and that was fun. I thought that was it, but Jason mentioned we would be hanging from chains and so begun a fun five hours of fake blood and good times.

During filming Al made a joke that I was Eddie Steeples from My Name is Earl (which many people have said I look like, even back when he was just the Rubberband man from the Office Max commercials). Most people understood, but one of the guys really must have thought I was him and had me take some pictures with him on his cell and digital camera.

We all couldn’t wait to go back to our homes to wash off the thick glazed layer of fake blood and lead based paint chips from our bodies and hair.


Watching Jason made me realize where I went wrong on my Chaos Campus movie. I over-thought things, as I tend to do. I had the crew, the material, the equipment. We should have jumped into it and let the chips fall.