I’m waiting for my printer contact to jump on IM. I just talked to my Diamond rep and though the pre-orders for Chaos Campus were good, they weren’t phenomenal to the point where we could do some other options. The Wowio thing really messed up the plan for the three one-shots. If my printer and I can’t come up with something we’ll just have to cancel the two issues solicited and re-solicit as a 96-page graphic novel. On one hand I’d hate to have to do that to the retailers and fans who took the time to pre-order. On the other hand, a majority will probably understand… plus I hate single comics and would rather have a nice graphic novel anyway. Getting pre-orders would be a bit tougher, though.

A definite bind, but not something that can’t be worked out. It seems I’m out of the apathetic mind state and ready to fight these impossible odds once again.


Avri and I (pictured) went to be an extra in Jason and Roni‘s new indy movie, the Legacy. We were planned to be FBI agents, but we got there a bit late so we ended up being victims. Since we were late I figured they had already wrapped so I wore regular clothes, but brought a change of clothes anyway. So I went down to change and ran into Al Snow and Cyndi and we both were like, WOAH! Didn’t expect to see you here (great times with them at Wizard World Chicago and the Fright Film Fest). So changed clothes and ran back up (we were filming in a warehouse and the freight elevator was awesome). So we had a scene where they were dragging us through a dark walkway and that was fun. I thought that was it, but Jason mentioned we would be hanging from chains and so begun a fun five hours of fake blood and good times.

During filming Al made a joke that I was Eddie Steeples from My Name is Earl (which many people have said I look like, even back when he was just the Rubberband man from the Office Max commercials). Most people understood, but one of the guys really must have thought I was him and had me take some pictures with him on his cell and digital camera.

We all couldn’t wait to go back to our homes to wash off the thick glazed layer of fake blood and lead based paint chips from our bodies and hair.


Watching Jason made me realize where I went wrong on my Chaos Campus movie. I over-thought things, as I tend to do. I had the crew, the material, the equipment. We should have jumped into it and let the chips fall.

Dead tired. Just 4 more months of this. I can do it.

So the SDCC post. I keep putting it off thinking I’ll be able to sit down and do this great blow-by-blow account of it all to do the whole week justice. It’s not gonna happen, my friend. My apologies… this is as good as it’s gonna get. O_o


Sucked because I spent most of the day in the airport. The plan was to catch my first flight at 3pm, land in Cincinnati, catch the connecting flight to San Diego and arrive at 6pm. There was some sort of East coast crazy weather that messed all the flights up, so I had to wait 2 or 3 hours for a flight to Atlanta and then fly to San Diego. Finally did that and then more crazy weather to where we sat on that plane for ages. We never got to see any of this crazy weather, mind you, which pissed us all off more. So yeah, didn’t make it at 6pm… I made it to the hotel around 2 or 3am. @_@ Everyone was having travel issues, but mine was the worst. Tony was already knocked out, but thankfully Sean was sleeping light enough to where he let me in.

Oh, I did fly my second flight first class. Free booze, free earphones, free movies. I watched Penelope which was very cute and a good movie (in the class of Enchanted). Ricci is very cute as is, but she almost looked even more endearing with the little pig nose. Watched half of 21 which was the better half (I watched the rest when I got back from the trip… it was alright…).


I think this is the day the three of us went for breakfast and I bought a good pair of $5 sunglasses (that surprisingly I STILL HAVE!!!). Tony has great comedic timing, but the thing that stands out was his impression of my dating life that almost made me spew everywhere. He even had a “Man Whore” theme song (he had tons of different theme songs), so I decided I would NOT be a Man Whore on this trip.

We went early to pick up our badges expecting to have to wait for a few hours. It took 3 minutes. The SDCC crew had their stuff together this year.

Preview night’s crowd looked like Friday during regular hours. We knew then this was going to be a crazy packed year with the crowds and such.

Food and drinking… talking and drinking. Good times.


Kirby’s arrival day. We did the convention and I think this was the day my Uncle Will and Cousin Chris came down to meet up with me. They met Sean and as he was going back into the convention we ran into Rebecca (Dwight‘s girlfriend) and her mom- they had been looking for me all day. We made plans to meet up Friday and off I went with my family. Good times- had dinner and caught up on a lot of things. Very cool night.


Did the show, it was PACKED.  I can’t remember much of what happened during the day, but later on that night back to the bar for more bar-con. I was pretty wiped out on comics, talking about comics, and anything relating to comics by that point. Tony and Kirby were in their groove and Sean was feeling more like me, so we talked more to one creator’s wife and another creator’s girlfriend. That was fun, but I was pretty much ready to go.

We were going to the other bar just to check on things, then head back, but then EVERYTHING changed. I just felt more at home in the other bar. Not only were the tables and chairs better, but there were more people and more GIRLS! Hung out, chatted, flirted a lot with (Censored 2). The night went on and we eventually had to bail. Met a few more cool people and by that point it was me who didn’t want to leave! But we all did and another great evening.


Very rough day with a lot of missed meetings.  Lots of backtracking, asking directions, lots of walking… then finally make it to this huge mall Horton’s Plaza and had to climb levels and levels of stairs… but not all in a row. Oh, nooo… they’re all in some random maze pattern where you do some stairs, walk a level, find escalators, go up, oh, no… you have to take stairs down a level as the escalator took you up a level and a half… rinse and repeat. Finally made it on time… hot, tired, pissed, and half my hearing went out. Watched the movie and got most of my amusement from Tony and Sean’s reactions. Good times. I did kinda nod in and out near the end, though.


Caught up on everything I didn’t do at the convention the other days on this day. Ran into Mike who I thought was one of the New York people who didn’t make it because of the weather, but he came a day or two before I did.

Can’t remember much more… probably did the last bar-con of the weekend.


Kirby had to leave early in the am, Sean went to catch a train, and Tony and I shared a car (not a limo, but not a taxi) to the airport. The airport stuff wasn’t too eventful and was pretty much by the numbers. Made it back that evening.

And I’ve been working my day jobs non stop since then. Except today… my first day off since the 4th of July.

P.S. One of these days Tony joked that I was the Black Jack Sparrow, which was an awesome idea. I think I’m going to give it a test run this Halloween and if it works out I might use it as an alter ego at upcoming shows.

P.P.S. Pictures later… though I only took like 6. We took more in Chicago because I had Avri around to remind me to take pictures. 🙁

The first Chaos Campus one-shot is in today’s Diamond Previews… page 200. On one hand I’m excited… I’ve been waiting for my return to the Previews catalogue, especially being something I’m completely proud of. On the other hand that excitement is tempered greatly by the burden that the issue isn’t finished… I’m still waiting for a fourth of the issue’s inks, I need a new colorist for half of the issue, and the dialogue to the second half isn’t as great to me as it should be. Also I still have to work almost every waking hour to make sure I have money for the print run, but I also have to find time to promote the book so I can have enough pre-orders to have something to print in the first place (catch-22).

If that wasn’t enough stress there’s BSR, Lethal, the next CC one-shot, and other projects.


P.S. I was going to give an attempt to write about SDCC. It’s not gonna happen just yet. So much I gotta do. 🙁

Hell, I haven’t even had time to upload the few pictures I took yet. @_@


Made it to and from Wizard Chicago without a problem. The Birdmobile may look and sound like crap, but she gets us where we need to be!

The show was great. Well worth the trip. I was uploading pictures to Myspace, but a few were left out accidentally… tried to add them, but “We’re doing some maintenance right now. Please check back in a little while.” Bleh. I won’t have TIME later!


Marc had a small trade show at the Clarion Hotel today… yes, I arrived a bit late as I had a long night at my bill paying job. It was slow in parts (which I used to text friends), but made a little cash. The biggest draw was meeting new people and connecting with other local creators.

I knew Jay was going to be there… I’m glad he’s out promoting his butt off lately. I was surprised to see Doug from Comic Book World there, but that was a nice surprise. Met Allen Freeman (Slam Bang anthology & Morgana X). Met up with Nathan Thomas Milliner (writer/illustrator of The Malevolent, Final Days, and Girl Number Three) who I haven’t seen in AGES and Rene Blansette (writer/illustrator of Thief: The Adventures of John Argent) who was at the last local show Marc did (the Lexington one). Also met Clint Basinger (Cosmic Moustache Comics).

Looking forward to the next local show Marc is affiliated with in August: http://www.frightnightfilmfest.com/

Next is the Knoxville, TN show and Wizard Chicago with John and Avri. Then insanity that will be San Diego Con… who knows what madness Tony and Sean will get me into. Good times!

I was wondering what happened to NYCC’s handy-dandy survey. Just came in the e-mail today: http://www.reedsurveys.com/NYCCP08

I think they’ll enjoy my comments. I’m still very happy how well they solved all the problems of last year so quickly.

Yesterday I was good and still on the convention high. Today I think I have crashed. Brain lock, body weak, just feeling completely out of sorts. But I’m going to give this a shot anyway. Plus I’m working without a net (no handwritten notes whatsoever).


So I had planned to sleep all day Thursday so I could stay awake most of the weekend. It didn’t work out that way. I ended up working and being productive into the late hours. I caught myself around 11pm and took two sleeping pills. I talked to fellow local writer Len and discovered we would be taking the same flight to NYC. Pills kicked in around midnight.

Got up before the alarm at 5am. Hopped in the taxi to the airport and he was the driver with the best conversation the whole trip. Getting my boarding pass I overheard one of the women talking about an earthquake. Figured it was Cali news and I went about my business. About 30 mins later got a text from Josette saying there was two earthquakes here and she and mom felt them (later Avri confirmed the first one happened right after I left and he thought someone was doing construction on the building). I didn’t notice either of them.

Met up with Len who told me about his brother who had this wicked stomach virus. The airplane trip was simple. I still love flying so much. Made it to NY and met Len and Alex’s mother, Betsy. We took a van near Grand Central Station and took a smaller van to their hotel. We discovered that the van guy left Len’s largest bag on the street (that had all of his clothes and some pretty expensive books he had planned to get signed). Len lost his cell phone on the bus the day before (oh, I went to the Zone and ran into Len on while I was leaving and he was on his way to meet up with his ex, so it was right after that) so we went to the T-mobile store. They switched the sim card in an older phone they had and we had lunch and discovered the old phone could receive calls, but he couldn’t answer as none of the buttons responded. Betsy and Alex went somewhere and Len and I came back to the hotel and the driver found his bag! Off we went to the convention where from first viewing I could tell they improved VERY MUCH on the clusterfuck that was last year (and apparently the worst one the first year). Grabbed my bag and off to the booth where I met DeWayne who was there on time (I made it in around 11am-ish). Will arrived about 10 minutes after me, so now all the NYCC TAT crew were finally at the table.


(ADHD starting to kick in… going to try and rush through the rest of the weekend)

After tons of ripping and running Tony finally caught up with me at the booth. Met up with Sean after the con closed and we tried to figure out which after con event we’d do. Most of us had to go to the hotel. After tons of chaos Sean, DeWayne, and I ended up having dinner at TGIFridays.

Sean fell asleep early and Tony came in around his usual 2am and he schooled me on some great tips- the top two being try to start a new word balloon with each sentance and how fast lettering in Illustrator (like I’m supposed to be doing) instead of Photoshop really is. We still kinda differ a bit on what we consider decompression, but I’m making a focused effort to try and add more panels per page.


Holy chaos!!! More sales, more people, more networking. After standing on my feet about 90% of Friday and Saturday fatigue finally kicked in and I was too tired to even attempt any after con parties.


There were a few companies I wanted to talk to, but couldn’t find (later I discovered how many booths were MOVED at the last second) but was going to skip it all and not go to the show any Sunday as I had to catch my flight at 2. Between the desire to try for those last few talks, already being up, and Tony busting my chops on missing all the stuff Saturday night I went ahead and joined them in going to the con and it turned out to possibly be one of the best and most productive few hours I spent all weekend (hot damn that Tony Lee being right 86% of the time!!!).

Rushing out to get to the airport it seems the only dingbatty thing I did was leave my airplane info on the hotel table instead of the room key. That was okay as I remembered my airline, time, and flight number (wow, again my memory is better than I give it credit for) so I was able to print my boarding passes with no difficulties. Had a 3 to 4 hour layover in Chicago where I learned Betsy already made it back while Len and Alex had some flight delays. Took TONS of notes and bits of story ideas during that layover time.

The show was AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! I’ve been debating and wanting to go to Wizard Chicago in a few months and I think I’ll go after all without setting up a booth. I also think in San Diego I’ll focus a bit less on sales and staying at the booth… then again, I dunno. Met a lot of great people who stopped by the booth that I would have missed if I was up and about the whole time. Arg. Will figure that out later.